How Pets Can Affect Your Magnolia TX Home Sale

Aside from housing inventory, home values and mortgage rates, there is another important force at work for home sellers in Magnolia and Tomball Texas this year— pets! If you are a pet owner, you would be surprised how much of a role your furry friends play in your home sale. In fact, 81 percent of homeowners say their pets are considered in their decisions to renovate, in addition to where to move or live. 12 percent of pet owners said they have moved to accommodate their animal and 19 percent said they would consider moving to accommodate their pet in the future.

And for good reason— it seems Texas buyers are just as influenced by pets and nearly all of them consider their pets a part of their family. It’s up to Magnolia area sellers to keep this in mind this year if you want to boost your home to the top of buyer priority lists! Below are four suggestions for what you can do as a Tomball TX area home seller to ensure buyers are attracted to your property, especially if they’re pet owners!

Remove animal scents
Nothing can turn away a homebuyer faster than the smell of pet odor in a potential property. Remember, buyers may be looking for a pet-friendly home in Magnolia, but they don’t want to smell your pets. Before listing, consider having your carpets professionally cleaned and the entire home scrubbed from top to bottom. If you feel pet odors may be lingering elsewhere, find the source (like old flooring) and eliminate it.

Replace pet damage 
Does your trim show scratch marks? Are your kitchen cabinets damaged from your furry friends? Before you invite buyers into your home, take care to replace any pet damaged features so they don’t get the feeling others have been neglected in the home also.

Give your pets a break during showings
When buyers do arrive to view your Texas property, your pets should not be home. You will want the emphasis to be on the home itself, not on which breed of dog or cat you have or the sounds they make. Think of this as part of staging your home— you’re attempting to create a neutral palette where buyers can envision themselves living in the property. If your pets are home, that could be difficult.

Emphasize pet-friendly features
Does your home a fenced-in yard or great parks nearby? Buyers with pets will want to know this! Play up your pet-friendly features in your listing’s marketing or ask your real estate agent which are best to point out to the buyers in today’s real estate market.

Thinking of selling your Magnolia or Tomball TX home this year? Give me a call today! I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about preparing your property to sell, whether you have pets or not!

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