How to Help Your Magnolia TX Home Show It’s Best This Spring

Believe it or not, the official beginning of spring is just around the corner and if you’re planning to sell your Magnolia or Tomball TX home, there is no more sitting on the sidelines. Many homes will soon hit the market in an attempt to take advantage of real estate busy’s season and a new wave of buyers, so your property may need a little extra help to stand out in the crowd.

Below are three ways you can give your Texas home a boost before the spring arrives and help it to show its very best as soon as buyers walk through the door:

Clean the windows
You may think of this as part of your spring cleaning routine, but a thorough window washing can do wonders for a home! As buyers drive by or even approach the property from outside, dirty windows may give them the impression that other aspects of the home (the plumbing or the HVAC system, to name a few) could be in disarray. But that’s not all! Clean windows allow for more light to enter into your Magnolia TX home, creating the illusion of a larger, more open space.

One of the most important things on buyer minds—whether they realize it or not—as we head into the new season is curb appeal! What does your Tomball TX area home look like from the curb? Remember, if the property does not look inviting from the outside, buyers will more than likely not want to come inside. You need to hook them right away! Consider planting new flowers, trimming any overgrown hedges or shrubs, or adding mulch around trees.

Air it out
Did you know one of the biggest buyer turn-offs is smell? Homebuyers can love everything about your Magnolia or Tomball home and yet, if there are any pet odors lingering or even scents that they may be allergic to or have a bad connotation with, they will cross your property off the list. Open up the windows and allow your home to breathe and if you do happen to have pet odors lingering around, find the source (whether it be old carpeting or wood flooring) and eliminate it before buyers arrive.

Gone are the days of simply placing a For Sale sign in the yard and waiting for buyers to arrive with offers in hand. But the ball is most definitely in your court! Give me a call today for more information about what you can do to prepare your Texas home to sell this spring.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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