Who to Notify When Moving to a New Magnolia TX Home

So you’ve found a new home in Magnolia or Tomball TX and you’re ready to pack your bags (and current home) in preparation for moving. There are so many steps in the process of transitioning from one property to the next that corresponding with important contacts like the post office and even the IRS can easily be forgotten.

To make sure your big move runs smoothly, it’s important to notify the following people of your new Magnolia or Tomball area address:

If you plan to stay with your current employer after your move to a new Texas home, simply notifying them of your new address upon move-in will likely be enough. However, if you’re taking a new position given your move to a new location, you will want to notify your employer as soon as possible. Remember, they will need your new address to send tax documents at the end of the year.

Family and friends
You’ve likely already told your family and friends about the new home you’re planning to move into, but if not, what are you waiting for? Filling in your nearest and dearest will allow you time to make arrangements for them to help you move if necessary or say proper goodbyes if you’re headed farther away.

Post office
This should be one of the first institutions you notify of your move to a new Magnolia or Tomball TX home. These days, it’s as easy as heading to the USPS website and filling out a change of address form to ensure your mail is forwarded to the right place. You can also stop into your local post office to fill out this address change request.

The Internal Revenue Service uses your home address to mail tax documents and other forms throughout the year, so be sure to notify them of your new address as soon as you are aware of your move. Again, it’s as easy as printing and mailing the change of address form available on their website.

The last thing you want on your move-in day is to be left without water or electricity! Be sure to notify the proper utility companies of the date your service is to be disconnected from your old home and reconnected at your new address. Remember to include electric, gas, water, telephone, cable, internet and any other services you require.

It’s always a good idea to have your new address reprinted on your driver’s license. Head to your local DMV to fill out the necessary paperwork within the preferred amount of time— often 30 days.

Insurance companies
Notifying your life, health and homeowners insurance companies of your new address should also be a top priority. In addition, anyone that deals with the important matters of you and your family, such as attorneys, should also be notified.

Financial institutions 
Don’t forget to update your address with your bank, credit card companies, stock brokers and the like to keep your finances in order.

Do you have a whole host of magazines to which you currently subscribe? Be sure to let them know you are moving—often done easily online—to make sure your service is not interrupted.

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