Stay or Go? How to Tell When It’s Time to Sell Your Magnolia TX Home

You may have been feeling the itch to move on to a new Magnolia area home for some time or have recently felt the new year’s push for a change in scenery. There are many reasons to consider listing your Magnolia or Tomball TX home— it’s just a matter of identifying the right one in order to avoid seller’s remorse later!

So how can you tell when it’s time to pack your bags and move on? I’ve included below 5 tell-tale reasons that you’re ready to sell your current property and start looking for your next Texas dream home:

You’ve outgrown your home
Regardless of your family size, you may find that you simply don’t have enough space for all of your belongings or the space doesn’t fit your current lifestyle. Your house may just be too small and if you’re unable to renovate or consider an addition to meet your needs, then this could be your motivating factor to move.

Your house is too large
On the other hand, perhaps you’ve found that you have too much room in your Magnolia area home. Maybe your children are grown and have moved out and you no longer need the extra bedrooms or you’re having a hard time keeping up with the maintenance of a spacious home and yard. Too much house is a significant factor in signaling it’s time to list your property.

Your neighborhood is in demand
Even if your neighborhood currently suits your needs, rising home values and a hot market could prompt you to sell your Magnolia or Tomball home. After all, listing when the opportunity is right could mean you secure the offer you need to move on to your next dream property.

Remodeling isn’t an option
One of your reasons for moving might be the outdated kitchen or bathrooms you have in your current home. However, before you take on that renovation, it’s important to consider the neighborhood and the maximum price you could net for your home given the market and work you would be putting in. Remodeling your home may not always be the best financial decision, especially if it won’t offer you a return on your investment, and in that case, you may be better off selling.

Your equity has returned
Many homeowners have not considered selling in the past due to a lack of equity, but now equity has returned for a growing number of residents! It is worth doing the research on your property value or even having your home reappraised to see if you’re in a positive position to sell.

Questions about your home value or next steps for selling in Magnolia and Tomball? Give me a call today!

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