Simple Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Magnolia, Tomball TX Home

There is so much more to selling your Magnolia or Tomball TX home than simply placing a “For Sale” sign in the yard and sitting back to wait for the offers to come in. Homeowners can take matters into their own hands to attract more buyers with simple techniques like boosting curb appeal, cleaning clutter and home staging. Many of these have had a pivotal role in the success of selling homes in the Magnolia TX area and with the following tips, you may find you have the same result!

While the practice of staging homes has evolved throughout the years, the premise remains the same— Buyers should be able to envision themselves living in the property and styling the spaces a certain way can evoke the cozy feelings of home that they are looking for. Below are five simple tips for staging your Magnolia TX area home to sell:

Clean the clutter
In order to make your home’s spaces feel larger, it’s time to clear out the clutter! Make sure all of your papers, magazines, mail and knick knacks have a home— not littered across your countertops. Walk around your home and do a “furniture edit” to pare down the belongings that interrupt the flow of the rooms from one to the next. Do you have a couch placed in front of a picture window? Rearrange all furniture that blocks views and focal points.

Think bright and neutral
Home staging often sticks to a neutral color palette, so take a look around your home at any spaces that may feel bold or loud. Consider giving the walls a fresh coat of white or neutral toned paint and edit down any decor that Magnolia and Tomball area buyers may find distracting.

Avoid scents
You may love a floral smell throughout your home, but keep in mind that many buyers do not. In fact, certain scents can be a major buyer turn-off! Avoid lighting scented candles or spraying a room with fragrance just before buyers arrive to tour your property.

Set up the beds and baths
One of the easiest ways to suggest luxury in your Magnolia TX home is to leave out fresh, fluffy towels in the bathrooms and outfit the beds with crisp, clean white linens. Remember, you’re trying to prompt the buyer to envision themselves moving right into the space!

Clean out the closets
One reason buyers are moving to new properties in today’s market is all due to space. They are looking for more closet space, storage and square footage to grow. Cleaning out your closets allows them to look larger and the buyer to check off the storage box on their wish list.

As your local real estate expert in Magnolia, I am happy to provide more information about the current real estate market and tips for sparking buyer interest in your property! Do not hesitate to contact me today!

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