5 Easy Tips For Going Green

green home

Everyone these days is talking about “going green” and making the world a cleaner place for our children and grandchildren.  You may not think that you can do much towards this green movement but the truth is in fact you can.  There are many ways that are simple and easy to go green inside your own home.   Below is a list of a few of the ways in which you can make your home green, and I don’t mean in color.

  1. Most homemakers don’t love doing laundry and this little tidbit is going to be music to your ears! By letting your clothes pile up a bit you are doing the environment a favor.  Running small loads of laundry through your washing machine and dryer is a waste of energy and a waste of water.  In fact one load of laundry used 25 gallons of water regardless of how full the load is.  Why not do your part in going green by only run your washing machine when you absolutely have to.
  2. Do you enjoy raking up grass cuttings after you mow? My guess is that you just answered with a loud “no”!  There is great news for you then my friend; leave the trimmings on your lawn and let them do their job of being a natural fertilizer!  This is a great way to go green that doesn’t cost you a dime!
  3. By adding a lot of live plants around your home you are doing your part towards helping the world be a cleaner place. Live plants help get rid of some of the pollutants in the air and therefore make the air cleaner for everyone to breathe.  Adding some live plants on the inside of your home is also a great way to help the air be more fresh and appealing.
  4. Microwave ovens use 50% less energy than your oven. The next time your family asks for a meal to be prepared, why not zap a meal into the microwave to help save energy.  If your family objects, tell them you are doing your part to make the world a better place for everyone by “going green” and saving as much energy as you can.
  5. Whenever you purchase sprays and soaps for the house, buy unscented. This will not only make a difference in the environment but will also be beneficial to your own health as well.

Hopefully these few easy ways of going green have got you thinking in the right mindset so that you can begin to make your own home a bit greener.

Courtesy of Magnolia TX Realtor Pam Sitterly.