Do-It-Yourself Tips To Protect Your Magnolia TX Home

It’s vacation time again, and even if you don’t have a home security surveillance system for your Magnolia TX home, there are some simple things you can do to deter a burglar. According to a group of convicted burglars, things like good exterior lighting and dogs burglaryinside the house are inexpensive but reasonably effective deterrents. However, don’t bother with things like timed interior lights, dead bolt locks, and burglar alarms that make noise but The following list—arranged from least effective to most effective—provides a range of burglary deterring methods.

Burglary deterring methods

  • Deadbolt locks: crooks don’t use the most obvious entry places, so extra locks on the door are meaningless.
  • Safes/strong boxes: If it’s small enough, they’ll take the whole box. If not, there will be plenty of items that aren’t in the box.
  • Neighborhood watch programs: these tend to be effective at first, but over time people tend to relax their vigilance.
  • Better exterior lighting; important if you live in a rural area where people could prowl around at night without being seen
  • Guardhouses protecting home:; expensivenot generally used except at homes of very wealthy or high profile individuals
  • Weapons in the home: not much good if you aren’t there to use them
  • Dog in your home (outdoor dogs are less threatening than indoor ones)
  • Private security patrols
  • Electronic sensors in windows

You can also perform common sense actions such as:

  • Cutting back shrubs and trees that hide your house from view
  • Keeping all doors and windows—including those in your garage— locked at all times
  • Adding motion-detector lights.
  • Installing a hidden safe
  • If you must hide a door key outside, leave it in a most unusual location
  • Securing sliding doors by placing some type of rod in the back groove
  • Keeping valuables out of sight
  • Making arrangements with neighbors to pick up mail and newspapers while you’re away, keep the lawn mowed, and shovel any snow in your driveway.
  • Have phone messages forwarded when you’re on vacation
  • Consider joining or organizing a Neighborhood Watch Program

And of course, it goes without saying that you should periodically update the insurance policy for the possessions in your Magnolia TX home.

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