Claiming Damages To Your Magnolia TX Home

This is information you hope you’ll never use–dealing with damage to your Magnolia TX home and making a claim with your insurance company. Most likely your policy will explain how to file a claim, but here are the basic steps:

insurance51. If a crime has been committed, report it to the police. You should get a copy of the police report.

2. Contact your insurance agent or company immediately.

3. If necessary, try to protect your property from further damage. Save your receipts.

4. Don’t dispose of damaged items until the adjuster has seen them.

5. Prepare a list of damaged items. Take pictures of the damage. (Now aren’t you glad you made an inventory list/video?)

6. Get the appropriate claim forms and fill them out completely. Return them within the time limit.

If you encounter problems settling your insurance claim (such as denial or inaction within a reasonable period of time) for your Magnolia TX home, you can follow these steps:

1. Make sure you support your case with documentation. Send receipt/estimate copies with any letters and keep all original documents.

2. Document each phone call by noting date, time, and name of each person you talked to.

3. Review your policy to see if it contains information on resolving disputes or appealing a claim denial. Check for appeal tips.

4. Talk with your agent or company representative. If they can’t solve the problem, then get the name and phone number of the company’s claims manager.

5. Send a letter explaining your problem, including copies of supporting documentation, to the company claims manager.

6. If your problem still isn’t satisfactorily resolved, then contact your state insurance department and file a complaint. Click here to locate your state insurance web site.

7. As a last resort, you may want to consult an attorney. Make sure you choose one who specializes in homeowners insurance. Be prepared to pay a consultation fee and get the fee structure in writing before pursuing the case.

Know that an insurance company may cancel, refuse to renew, or raise your premiums if for any reason your Magnolia TX home no longer meets their underwriting criteria. For example, perhaps the building has grown too old, the zoning has changed, or you have in some way increased your liability exposure. Filing too many claims may also lead to cancellation. Click here for more about this topic.

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