Tips for a Cleaner and Safer Kitchen – Part I

With food safety issues constantly in the news, it’s no wonder home cooks are worried about the health of their families.  Although they are not visible threats, the many micro-organisms lurking in the kitchen of your Magnolia TX home can infect your cooking and eating– and consequently have a negative effect on your family’s health.  However, the solution is actually fairly simple.  A cleaner kitchen is a safer kitchen.  Listed below are numerous ideas for ensuring both.

1. Microwave
Fill a bowl with two cups water and a whole lemon, cut into slices. Microwave for two minutes, then wipe the inside with paper towels.

2. Stove and oven
Spray stove spills with an all-purpose cleaner and let stand 10 minutes for easier cleaning. Cover a fresh spill with salt until you have time to clean it.

3. Counters
Clean counters in your Magnolia TX home regularly with an all-purpose cleaner or spray with a weak bleach solution and air-dry if needed.

4. Dishes and dishwashers
If you hand-wash dishes, be sure to air-dry them in a rack as dirty or wet dish towels can recontaminate clean dishes.

5. Sink, drain and faucet handle
Clean regularly with sanitizing cleanser, especially after washing or rinsing raw meat.

6. Refrigerator
Every day, wipe down the handles, including the underside. Every week, throw out anything that’s past its date or shows age. Every three to six months, empty shelves and clean the inside with 1/4 cup baking soda in one quart warm water, then spray with a bleach solution and air-dry. Remove drawers and clean under them. Before you return the food, wipe jars to remove drips..

7. Pet bowls
People with pets are six times more likely to get salmonella-based infections. The culprit is pet bowls, particularly the water bowl. Find a place besides the kitchen to clean turtle or frog habitats and empty pet bowls, or clean and sanitize the sink in your Magnolia TX home before you start washing fresh food.

8. Cutting boards
Most scientists believe wooden cutting boards are safest, as long as they are kept clean, sanitized and dry.. Either way, keep them clean by running them through the dishwasher. Always change boards or clean with soapy water after preparing raw food—even vegetables.

9. Sponges and dish towels
Change dish towels daily or more often if they’re wet or dirty. Put sponges on the top rack of the dishwasher at the end of every day.

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