The Forgotten Room in Your Magnolia TX Home

As every seller has learned by now, staging your Magnolia TX home is instrumental in ensuring buyer interest and an ensuing sale. In today’s real estate market, potential home buyers are in a position to be choosy and to insist on a setting that is clean, attractive, and efficient. Not surprisingly, the laundry room is often overlooked when it’s time to sell a home, but proper staging can turn an often dull and unwelcoming area into an asset. Everyone must do laundry, and having a pleasant and functional space in which to do it provides yet another good reason for buying your home.

The following easy-to-do tips will add appeal to your laundry room—and to your Magnolia TX home:

  • Clean and de-clutter:  Begin by emptying your laundry room of its contents. Even though you do not remove the washer and dryer, do not forget to clean in between and behind them. Gather your vacuum and duster and get to work. Not only should you wash and vacuum the floor, walls, and cabinets, you should also clean the machines themselves. Do not forget to empty the lint traps. Also, remove everything out that you don’t need. The only items that should be in there are currently used laundry supplies.
  • Lighten up:  Most laundry rooms need a fresh coat of paint.Using colors such as yellow, white, or sky blue will brighten this often dim room in your Magnolia TX home.  Bright and/or light colors give the feel of a more open space, which is beneficial if your laundry room is small and congested.  Adding a new, increased wattage light fixture is another good idea.
  • Organize:  Canvas bins and baskets are visually pleasing and make excellent places to store all those detergents on the shelves above the washer and dryer.  Investigate the possibility of installing shelves, wall cabinets, or a small closet, particularly one which can house your ironing board. If you have little or no counter space for folding clothes, add a small table for this purpose.
  • Add Accessories:  Look for practical as well as decorative articles that enhance the efficiency and the appeal of the room. Laundry bags, ironing board covers, protective pressing pads, hangers, laundry caddy, towel warmer, rugs, pegs, drying racks, laundry lint brushes, and wall décor are some of the most common accessories for a laundry room.

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