Money-Saving Tips For Magnolia TX Homeowners

As our nation’s economic woes continue, millions of Americans are looking for ways to tighten their belts and reduce their monthly expenses.  As a result of this widespread desire, articles in newspapers, magazines, and on the web are filled with suggestions from financial gurus, service organizations, and even Magnolia TX homeowners like you on how best to economize in simple but effective ways.  Some of these tips may be familiar to you, but others may provide you with fresh and helpful ideas.


  • Sharpen scissors by cutting through three layers of foil 10 times or by cutting a sheet of fine sandpaper into small pieces.
  • Reuse fabric softener sheets to polish chrome fixtures and appliances,
  • Prepare an all-purpose cleaner by mixing equal parts of pine cleaner, ammonia, and water.
  • Here is a very informative article about cutting electricity costs.


  • Plan a “Meatless Day” once a week.
  • Make a list of needed supplies and stick to it when you go shopping.  Resist impulse buying.
  • Stock up on frequently used items that are on sale.
  • Try generic brands.  You may refuse to give up Hellman’s mayonnaise, but many store brands of other items are just as good as expensive brand names.  Read labels to compare ingredients,

Auto insurance:


  • Utilize the public library to borrow, rather than buy, books to read in your Magnolia TX home.
  • Analyze your cable plan to see where you might make some cuts.
  • Visit for local entertainment deals.


  • Despite the fact that couponing has become very trendy in today’s society, the truth is that it is an effective way to save.  For a list of 80+ sites offering discounts, deals, and free coupons, click hereHttp://  is a similar source.

Sources other than retail stores:

Planning ahead:

  • Consolidate errands so that you can do many in just one trip.
  • Institute a “30 day wait period” before making a large purchase.  Use that time to research the best prices, investigate special deals, and re-access your real need for the item.

If you haven’t already done so, establish a budget for your Magnolia TX home—and stick to it!  Here is an easy-to-use worksheet and helpful articles about budgeting.

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