Tips and Tricks to Stage Your Magnolia TX Home

TV shows, online videos, and real estate advice articles all counsel you to stage your Magnolia TX home before putting it on the market, but many of their suggestions are too expensive, too complicated, or too time-consuming for today’s busy and budget-conscious seller. If you are one of those sellers feeling short of time, money, or creativity, read on for low-cost, easy to do, and imaginative ideas to show your home at its very best.



  • Update lighting by using inexpensive glass fixtures. Pendant lights are quite popular.
  • Install dimmer switches to control ambience (and save energy).
  • Use a lamp, up light, and ceiling all in one room to provide layers of light.
  • Add under-counter light strips.
  • Dust bulbs frequently for brighter light.
  • Use mirrors to reflect light..


  • Today’s popular trend is to use different shades of one color throughout your Magnolia TX home.
  • Cut time and cost by painting only one accent wall in a room.
  • Add color through accessories such as pillows, area rugs, lamps, and art pieces.


  • Replace large, outdated pieces with smaller, more contemporary ones to improve traffic flow and increase the feeling of size.
  • Buy ready-to-assemble pieces from Z Line or Ikea, e.g.
  • Add slip covers to worn sofas and chairs.
  • Paint mismatched pieces the same color to pull them together.
  • Reuse old furniture in a new way. Try storage cubes as coffee tables or put a small bedroom chest in the foyer.


  • Add color to your Magnolia TX home with throw pillows, area rugs, vases, art.
  • Mix textures for added interest. Combine smooth and woven pillows or lay a hemp rug.
  • Don’t ignore the impact of colorful towels and linens.
  • Experiment with new patterns or bold colors for a little pizzazz.


  • Try inexpensive and unusual area rugs rather than re-carpeting or refinishing.
  • Polish your wood floors ‘til they gleam!
  • Lay do-it-yourself stick tiles found in a wide variety of finished.


  • Purchase cheap remnants of this inexpensive and easy-to-do decorating tool..
  • Cover old throw pillows or chair cushions.
  • Consider using as a wall covering for a small accent area.


  • Bring rooms to life with live green foliage.
  • Place a small herb garden on a windowsill.
  • Position plants in unexpected places such as bookshelves and bathrooms.


  • Replace heavy drapes with lightweight treatments such as sheers or matchstick shades.
  • Use soft fabrics which billow and allow more light to come in.
  • Use a bright color or design in your curtains as a accent.


  • Utilize old trunks for storage, use (as a coffee table, perhaps), and design interest.
  • Add bookcases with doors to hide clutter.
  • Rediscover the unused space inside a window seat.


  • Visit yard sales and used furniture stores for “new-to-you” treasures.
  • Take advantage of Craigslist, eBay, or the classified ads in your local paper.
  • Utilize the internet to locate overstock sales, free shipping, and discount home décor.


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