Garage Safety Tips For Your Magnolia TX Home

While most homeowners are fairly cautious when it comes to safety in their actual houses, not all of us are quite so diligent with accident prevention in the garage (often used more to store a wide assortment of items than it is to store cars), a place which is more vulnerable to serious hazards than any other area. In fact, the Home Safety Council urges families to think of the garage as a room and to thus take precautionary steps to make it just as safe as the rest of the house. Additionally, national housing codes have strict requirements re: the materials used in garage walls, ceilings, floors, and doors, and in many areas local codes are even more demanding in terms of safety requirements.

It is, then, in the best interests of the owners of a Magnolia TX home to access the safety quotient of their garage and to identify problem areas needing attention. These will most likely include the dangers of slips and falls, poisoning, and fire

Much of fall prevention has to do with organization. Garage clutter is a significant problem which leads to tripping when there are no clear walkways to get from one area to another. It is best to group like objects such as lawn implements, sporting equipment, etc., together in one area and to store as much as possible off the floor to eliminate dangerous obstructions. It is also important to keep the floor of the garage in your Magnolia TX home dry and to wipe up all spills as soon as they occur. This is especially true with oily or greasy substances.

Major caveats in this area include read labels, follow storage instructions, keep in locked cabinets, and use common sense. First identify anything that might be poisonous by carefully reading labels and heeding printed warnings. Remember that automotive fluids, pool chemicals, painting supplies, gasoline, and pesticides are all extremely toxic, especially if ingested by children. Keep such substances in their original containers (for purposes of clear identification and readily accessible antidote information) and never mix them together! Another poisoning concern is that of carbon monoxide. NEVER run a car, barbeque grill, or generator in a closed garage!

The best way to prevent a fire is to eliminate all things which can cause one. Be extremely cautious in your storage of flammable solid, liquid, and gaseous substances and always keep them away from a workbench area and from anything that could produce a spark. Because gasoline is especially susceptible to ignition and its vapors can explode from only a tiny spark, it is wise not to store it inside at all, or if you must do so, then in a special container.

Additional areas of your Magnolia TX home’s garage requiring your attention are lighting, shelving, protective equipment, and door safety.

Lighting and protection:
For obvious reasons, adequate lighting is a must, as is the wearing of gloves, eye protection, and ear plugs when you’re working on projects which involve power tools and/or sharp objects. Remember, too, to wear close fitting clothing and shoes or boots.

Whether you have shelving on the wall or overhead, it is imperative that it be anchored securely to the studs, not the drywall, and that they be able to withstand the amount of weight you’ll be putting on them.

Be certain that your automatic garage door has a safety reverse mechanism and that it is constructed of a non-combustible material.


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