Tips for Buying and Selling Magnolia TX Real Estate in Today’s Market

As the real estate market and economic conditions change, so do strategies for buying and selling homes. Listed below are a few recommendations to help both buyers and sellers of Magnolia TX real estate be successful.


1. Choose a successful, aggressive real estate agent.

You will want someone who is familiar with your neighborhood and will be proactive in selling your Magnolia TX real estate. Ask in advance about his/her plan for marketing your property and make sure it includes, at the very least, an MLS listing, on-line and newspaper advertising, and regularly scheduled open houses.

2. Remember the importance of curb appeal in attracting would-be buyers.

3. De-personalize and de-clutter your home.

Put away family photos and prized collections. Clear countertops. Potential buyers need to be able to envision themselves, not you, in your home and clearly view the favorable features of the property without being distracted by too much “stuff.”

4. Hire a professional appraiser.

An “expert” third party opinion is quite useful in supporting your asking price.

5. Be realistic about pricing your Magnolia TX real estate.

Look at recent comps, listen to your realtor’s advice, and be competitive. Don’t let your emotions interfere with price negotiations and understand that a “designer décor” doesn’t make the home worth more.

6. Offer incentives to attract buyers.

Such items might include helping defray closing costs or moving expenses, making repairs, replacing appliances and/or carpeting, etc. You should also consider providing a home warranty program for the first year.

7. Be flexible.

You certainly don’t want to lose a buyer because of a settlement date or a request for a conveyance of furniture, tools, draperies, etc. Keep an open mind in your negotiations and be willing to meet the potential buyer halfway.


1. Get pre-approved for a loan.

This will provide peace of mind for both you and the seller of Magnolia TX real estate.

2. Be prepared before you look.

Have a firm idea of what you can spend and a list of features you must have, would like to have, and can do without if necessary.

3. If possible, list your home before buying another.

Contingent contracts can result in complications, and both sellers and lenders are more comfortable with straight-forward purchases.

4. Look beyond the décor of a home.

Walls can be repainted, wallpaper removed, and appliances updated. What should be important are the location, structural condition, and features of the home.

5. Be realistic about price.

Check the recent comps in the neighborhood and stay in that range when making an offer. If you make a ridiculously low offer and make the owner feel that you are trying to “steal” his home, you run the risk of eliminating any type of negotiating.

6. When touring a home, practice buyer etiquette.

Watch your children carefully (or leave them at home), remove your shoes, and treat the seller’s belongings with respect.

7. Get a home inspection.

Better to learn of any defects, problems, or even deal-breakers before you buy.

8. Negotiate in a civil and mature manner.

Demanding is not negotiating, and owners of Magnolia TX real estate will be more likely to consider making repairs and concessions, offering incentives, and/or adjusting the time schedule, etc., if they feel you are “playing fair” with them. Remember that their emotions are also involved in the selling/moving process and that they will appreciate not having to deal with a contentious buyer.


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