Leaving Your Magnolia TX Home For a Vacation With Kids?

Summer is definitely the season for family road trips, and they can be educational, great fun, and adventurous for all concerned. However, they can also turn sour at a moment’s notice, especially if you’re traveling with toddlers. Fortunately, several websites offer sage advice from seasoned parent-travelers to make you trip go as smoothly as possible.

1. Safety first

Bring along a basic tool kit and a first aid kit from your Magnolia TX home. If your children need them, check seat belts, safety seats, and booster seats for condition and proper installation. Make certain everyone is buckled up at all times.

2. Food and drink

Take along plenty of bottled water (and filled gallon jugs to refill the empties) and make sure the kids stay well-hydrated. Save money and eat healthy by picnicking along way. Stock up on bread, cheese, fruits and vegetables, perhaps from a local produce near by the road. Take a waterproof blanket to use as a “table” if the ground is wet. Take with you more than enough “treats” to be enjoyed by a whining toddler or bored teen. (Don’t forget something for the parents, too. ) If you’ll be stopping at restaurants, include small games to be played while waiting for food and suction-cupped tabletop toys to amuse the little one in the high chair.

3. Entertainment–in and out of the car

For those of you whose vehicle is equipped with DVD capability, stock up on the kids’ favorites from your Magnolia TX home or surprise them with a couple of new ones. Hand-held games are great for individuals, too. For group activities, have a family sing-along with music familiar to all or play lighthearted games such as I Spy and 20 Questions or see who can find the most out-of-state license plates. Have a stash of surprise materials to keep the kids distracted from the heat, noise, or boredom. Books of mazes or riddles, storybooks, stickers, and pads of paper and colored pencils are generally welcomed by the younger set. Many parents advise leaving a child’s favorite toy at home since losing an adored plaything can be devastating on a trip. Better to introduce a new, similar one as you leave your Magnolia TX home, they say. Look for free activities when you make a stop in a town or city–an outdoor concert or movie in the park or a petting zoo, e.g.  Check out bulletin boards in libraries and stores or scan the local paper for suggestions. Also remember that little ones just can’t sit as long as adults can, so plan plenty of ‘leg-stretching, run around for a few minutes’ stops.

4. Keeping cool

Even in an air-conditioned vehicle, kids get hot–which often leads to cranky. An inexpensive spray bottle works wonders as a mister to spritz away the hot spots while in the car or outside. You can also prepare in advance by soaking bandanas in water and rolling them up for future use around necks to let the evaporation cool off the body. The wet bandana can also be used to cool off a warm bottle of water. Keep a small cooler (containing solid ice blocks) in the car with you to keep drinks, fruit, and whatever else you want, cool and refreshing.

5. Keeping clean

Once the again the mister and the bandana are invaluable to help keep faces and hands clean inside the vehicle. Having a trash bag or recycle bag within easy reach keeps the interior clean and comes in very handy when picnicking. And for emergency pit stops bring along a package of moist wipes, a bottle with a large opening and a tightly fitting cap, and some baggies. Better safe than sorry!

With some planning in advance, plenty of patience, and an adventurous state of mind, your family vacation can be terrific. However, as always, it will be nice to return home.


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