Six Smart Reasons to Market Your Home During the Holidays

A common strategy for selling a Magnolia TX home is putting it on the market after the first of the year.  It’s a good plan, executed by many homeowners. Come January, for sale signs begin popping up everywhere and by spring they are in abundance.

Consider another strategy. Market your home during the holidays. Beat the rush. Stand out. Avoid the competition.

Here’s why:

  1. Homes show well.
    Holiday lights and accessories create a festive look. Everything gets spruced up and tidy; excess furniture and personal items are temporarily stashed away.

  2. Homes smell good.
    Pine trees, fresh baked cookies, and other aromatic smells can be strong emotional triggers attaching the buyer to the property.

  3. People are out and about.
    Your neighbor’s annual Christmas dinner brings forty guests to the area who will notice your house for sale down the street. Perhaps one of them has just been transferred to the area.
  4. The community exudes the holiday spirit.
    Parking lots are converted to ice skating rinks. Colorful lights and tinsel abound. Hearty holiday greetings are extended. Prospective buyers may be drawn to the neighborly warmth and friendliness.
  5. You have less competition.
    Spring and summer bring the most heavy competition, but buyers purchase year round.  Your house may show more favorably when it is compared to only three of your neighbors’ homes for sale, instead of twelve.
  6. Buyers are serious.
    Holidays tend to be busy and hectic. House-hunters looking during the holidays are usually serious buyers, ready to find the right house and make an offer.

If you are thinking about selling your Magnolia TX home, what are you waiting for?  Perhaps now is the time to take action.