Information for residents of Magnolia TX and surrounding Communities-

  • America Still Considers Real Estate the Best August 13, 2019 by psitterly - 35% of respondents, in a recent annual Gallup poll that dates back to 2002, identified real estate as the best long-term investment option compared to 27% who identified stocks. The… read more →
  • Determining Property Type August 6, 2019 by psitterly - The Internal Revenue Service considers four different types of real estate. Specific types of properties have benefits based on their classification. The determination does not depend on the property itself… read more →
  • Get Leverage Working for You July 30, 2019 by psitterly - Leverage is an investment term that describes the use of borrowed funds to control an asset; sometimes referred to as using other people’s money. Borrowed funds can affect the investment… read more →
  • Delay Will Usually Cost More July 23, 2019 by psitterly - Two things can happen when the mortgage rates go up before you’ve found a home or locked-in your mortgage. You’ll either pay the current mortgage rate which means a higher… read more →


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