Information for residents of Magnolia TX and surrounding Communities-

  • A Good Time to Buy a Home October 29, 2019 by psitterly - You may have noticed that REALTORS® seem to always think now is a good time to buy and they can usually justify it with solid reasoning. While it can be… read more →
  • Time for a Toilet Upgrade October 22, 2019 by psitterly - Whether it is a cosmetic or a mechanical reason for upgrading a toilet, you may not know all the choices that are involved to choose the right one for your… read more →
  • Interior Condensation Solutions October 15, 2019 by psitterly - Condensation occurs when the air has too much moisture in it which is felt as high humidity. The water deposits on various surfaces that are cooler than the air itself.… read more →
  • Selecting an agent October 8, 2019 by psitterly - When a whole lobster was presented at the table of a restaurant, the customer noticed there was only one claw on it. He asked what happened to the lobster and… read more →


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